How Can You Best Leverage Your Business for Growth?


Strategy isn't just for the big boys!

Creating models, maps and plans for our businesses help us see where we are going and who needs to be along for the journey.

They highlight what we might be missing in order to make that next big leap in our growth. They are an essential component of taking our businesses and ourselves seriously.


Systems are like having operational insurance for our businesses. If our world falls apart for some reason - our businesses don't have to. They can still keep ticking along while we deal with "life stuff".

And then if we keep all this great knowledge our business in our heads then how can we expect anyone else to help us. Not to mention the fact that it just makes our brains hurt to remember how we dealt with that customer service issue from 3 years ago.


There are those things that you just hate to do plus those things that you are always forgetting to do and then what about those things you just wish you could even get to do.

That's why we have teams: to take away the pain and free us up to do what really makes us happy. Surely that's what we signed up for when we jumped the corporate fence and made that run for entrepreneurial freedom!


We are often so focused on making sure that everything and everyone else is OK, that we often forget that we can be our own worst enemies when it comes to running our businesses. Whether it's knowing our core values, understanding our relationship with money or just knowing when to let go - we can all do with a second pair of eyes to call us on our stuff and guide us through the minefield of ourselves.
Founder and Managing Partner at The Calisto Group LLC

Lynn Pearce

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